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With over 25 years of energy procurement experience, specialising in providing cost management services to the SME & Corporate Markets

You can rest assured that you will receive a fully knowledgeable and personal service with a strong understanding in the importance of efficient cost control & reduction.


We understand how time consuming the energy supply review process can be when having to perform it year in year out.
We aim to take responsibility for the whole process and provide a thorough and transparent cost analysis, highlighting all bottomline savings.

Introducing Efficiency


We pride ourselves on the information that we provide to our clients which allow them to make informed decisions relating to their energy contracts. Our reviews are varied and range from analyzing the daily trading market to watching the future bidding & purchasing of energy in bulk in order to develop specific forecasts and reporting.

Trusted Energy Supplier


Our aim is to be the most trusted energy supply management consultancy for businesses in the UK.

Offering a fully assured, transparent and considered approach to delivering cost savings for all aspects of the energy management and procurement process.

Our Objective

  • Adding an energy monitor onto the meter to visualise live usage.
  • Changing legacy meters with the new smart meters.
  • Installing A+ grade efficient appliances when replacing older versions.
  • Ensuring that during the night and weekends all lighting, heating and computers are switched off.

Our Values

  • Professional organisations can help to alleviate the burden, save time while managing your cost base.
  • The majority of new contracts taken over the past two years are for more than one year.
  • Extended contracts provide fixed prices for the entire period assisting budgeting and peace of mind.
  • Paying by fixed monthly direct debit offers an additional discount, although other incentives are uncommon.

Royal Gas and Power Commitment

We are committed to being a leading Energy solutions provider for our Clients. We are completely flexible in our approach, and can support you in areas such as long-term price forecasts and bespoke market reporting. By receiving regular market reviews, interpreted in an easy to digest format, You can be confident in the decisions that we make in relation to energy procurement and management.